Sustainability of Fur Animal Resources

Sustainability is to create and maintain the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony, that permit fulfilling the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations.

Worldwide, we use wild and farmed animals in many ways: for food, clothing, companionship, medical and scientific research and others.

Animal fur trade contributes to our economy on international trade value, local market value, income value, government revenues, and others. Moreover, fur industry provides over 1 million full time jobs and is a significant source of employment income for many families and individuals.

Wild animals are natural resources and they are renewable. To remain healthy and abundant of wild species, we devote to conserve their habitat, ecological system, environmental stewardship, wildlife management and others.

In the other hand, fur farmers take responsibility and are regulated to implement good farming practices to maximize environmental contributions and minimize their ecological footprints.

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