Wild Fur

Wild Fur is even better.  It is a natural resource which is renewable and sustainable.  By using wild fur aids of balancing the ecosystem of wildlife.  It avoids over-population in the wild.  Like Coyote is over-populated and becomes a threat to local people and some species conservation in North America.


On the other hand, Wild Fur consuming controls the over-growth of invasive species in the regions.  According to The National Wildlife Federation, approximately 42 percent of threatened or endangered species are at risk due to invasive species.  Regulated trapping is able to prevent the risk of spreading diseases such as rabies, mange, distemper.  Some damages will be caused to the natural habitat, farmland, roads and other properties by the wildlife.  Therefore, funds have been paid and invested by local governments in order to control wildlife populations every year.  “For wildlife biologists and conservationists, managing wild furbearers is critical.” said Americas Fur Resources Council.  Wild fur could be considered as a by-product of Wildlife Conservation and Management.

Real Fur is always sustainable and worth to preserve!

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